PayTM Postpaid On Hold, WHY? Here’s Some Of The Possible Reasons

PayTM Postpaid On Hold: Recently Paytm has launched a new service called Paytm Postpaid for the selected users. With paytm postpaid, the customers are able to get a loan from paytm. The loan amount or the spending limit depends on various aspects like customer loyalty, KYC, monthly spent and more. It is also to be noted that the paytm postpaid service is still in beta mode and the offerings are limited.

From past few days, there are many paytm postpaid customers (including me) who are not able to use the paytm postpaid wallet. As an error message is displayed in the paytm postpaid account page saying – “Your account is on hold. WHY?“.paytm postpaid on hold why

After seeing this error message, the first thought in our mind is why my paytm postpaid account is on hold? Have I done something wrong?. If you are thinking or asking the same questions then here are some possible reasons that may help you understand the reason behind this issue.

PayTM Postpaid On Hold – Possible Reasons

  1. As per news18, Delhi High Court has issued a Notice to Paytm and RBI on PIL filed against Postpaid Payments Bank Service by Economist Abhijit Mishra. The PIL states that the pay-later service offered under Paytm Payments Bank is in violation of RBI guidelines. So it seems until this issue is shorted, the paytm postpaid will remain on hold.
  2. According to some users, the accounts with full KYC are able to use the paytm postpaid service whereas those accounts with mini KYC or no KYC are getting “Paytm postpaid On Hold” error message.
  3. Also if you have used the money from paytm postpaid account and not paid the bill amount on time then it is possible that the company has put your Postpaid account on hold.
  4. Update Coming Soon – Some users are seeing a pop-up message on their paytm postpaid page. The message says – “Update coming soon – Paytm Postpaid is going to be bigger and better! Till then your account will be temporarily on hold. You will be among the select few to get upgraded first. Hope you like it!”

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