What does AS mean on TikTok?

What Does AS Mean On TikTok, What is Adult Swim: The social media platform TikTok users are seeing users adding the terms ‘AS’ to their videos. This has made most of the users wondering What Does AS Mean?. So if you are also one of the many who wants to know what does AS on TikTok stands for then you are at the right place.

Here in this post, today we are going to tell you about What Does AS Mean On TikTok and What is Adult Swim. So now let us get started.

What Does AS Mean On TikTok

AS‘ on TikTok stands for Adult Swim. It is the latest TikTok trend that involves users creating their own bumps or bumpers by using pictures and videos followed by AS or Adult Swim written over it.

For the knowledge, Adult Swim is a short video clip that is played after and before an advertisement.

What Is Adult Swim and What Does It Mean

Adult Swim is a Cartoon Network’s adult-oriented nighttime programming. Under this network, popular shows like Rick and Morty, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken, and more are aired.

The idea behind Adult Swim was to target and build teenagers as well as the young adult audience. During the shows, the channel showcased Bumpers that were played before and after the commercials.

In a very short span of time, Adult Time become very popular among people from a specific age group. Finally, in the year 2001, the network was launched as its own.

Adult Swim Theme Song | Adult Swim TikTok Trend Song Name

The song that helped the Adult Swim to become a trend is none other than  Vano 3000 The self-produced beat samples BADBADNOTGOOD’s Time Moves Slow feat, Sam Herring. As per the reports, VANO has beat will be officially released very soon.

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