Now You Can Add 250 Member In Facebook Group Chat | Audio, Video Calls With Up To 50 Members

17Social media giant Facebook has started to roll out a new additional feature for the group chat users. Now every group in Facebook can add upto 250 unique members. Previously, Facebook allowed only up to 150 people on a Group chat. The company has also said that at least 50 users in a group can get connected with each other via voice or video call.

This new capability to add upto 250 members in a group chat will provide 1.4 billion active Facebook users to plan meeting, make voice conferences, video conferences, arrange meetings, plan events like birthdays, anniversary and lot more. With this latest update, a total of 50 users in a group can get connected via voice or video conference calls.

From now onwards, the Facebook users shall have an added option to browse through active chat threads. Also, the users can now launch a new chat, turn off notifications for message reactions, turn off notification for Messenger games and opt-in to be notified only if they have been mentioned in the thread.

This latest move shows Facebook eager to show that it is actually bringing the people together. The added member of upto 250 in group chat is definitely going to help a lot of people in their day to day life. We would also love to know your opinion on this, kindly post is below in the comment box.