South Indian Actress Namitha joins BJP Tamil Nadu, Brings a new hope in the Party

South Indian Namitha has joined the BJP party in Tamil Nadu. Earlier Namitha had joined and worked with the political party AIADMK and she was the star speaker for the party. Now she has left the AIADMK party and has joined India’s largest political party Bharatiya Janata Party. Along with Namitha, her husband Veerendra Chowdary has also joined BJP on 30th November 2019.

The joining ceremony witnessed the presence of some of the top BJP well-known faces like JP Nadda, Radha Krishnan and some more. BJP had a lack of star speakers in the region, where Namitha’s joining is a piece of good news for the party. Namitha will be the Star Speaker for BJP in Tamil Nadu and she will woo the large crowds during rallies, meetings, roadshows and more.

In the past, Namitha was seen in the Bigg Boss Tamil season 1. During her entire journey in the Bigg Boss, the audience loved her genuine and straight forward behavior.


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