What Is Jio Home Gateway Device, Know Full Details, Price & More

Jio Home Gateway, What Jio Home Gateway means – Jio Home Gateway is an advanced modem that allows a user to send and receive data via JioFiber connection. This device comes with a USB jack by which a user can simply connect his hard drive or pen drive to the Jio Home Gateway and access your files anytime, anywhere using the JioHome app.

What Is Jio Home Gateway Device

Jio Home Gateway is an advanced modem that works as a connection bridge between JioFiber connection and the user. In simple words, once a user gets the JioFiber connection, he/she needs to insert the JioFiber cable into the Jio Home Gateway Device. Now the Jio Home Gateway will connect to the internet and you can connect your laptop, mobile, computer and other IoT devices to it and start using the Internet service.

Jio Home Gateway Price

The price of Jio Home Gateway device is Rs 5000 only. However currently, Jio has bundled this device for free to every customer who takes a new JioFiber connection under the JioFiber Welcome Offer. The JioFiber plans start from Rs 699 and goes upto Rs 8499.

Jio Home Gateway – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) & Answers

Q1 – How many devices can I connect to my Jio Home Gateway?

Ans – You can connect multiple devices to the Jio Home Gateway. This is to be noted that you may face low internet speed as your speed gets distributed across all connected devices.

Q2 – How to connect Smart TV or Android TV to the Jio Home Gateway connected to JioFiber network?

Ans – You can connect your Smart TV or Android TV via Wi-Fi or LAN. In case of LAN, connect one end of the LAN cable to your television LAN port and the other end to the Jio Home Gateway device. For Wi-Fi connectivity, go to setting on your television, select wifi in network option, tap on the WiFi name of your JioFiber connection, enter the wifi password and click on connect.

Q3 – How do I check how many devices are connected to my Jio Home Gateway?

Ans – To check the list of all the connected devices to your Jio Home Gateway, just login to MyJio > go to setting > click on My Device. However, you will get an SMS on your registered mobile number whenever a new device is connected to your Jio Home Gateway device.

Q4 – What is the Jio Home Gateway Wi-Fi coverage

Jio Home Gateway WiFi coverage is approx 1000 Sq. Ft in an open area.