Slow Wi-Fi Speed? Here’s 10 Tips & Tricks To Increase Wi-Fi Speed At Your Home

When it comes to our day to day life, Wi-Fi plays an important role. Most of the people have wifi at home for interrupted internet. It becomes a hassle when we face issues like slow speed over the Wi-fi, or low Wi-Fi strength. So worry not, today we are going to tell you 10 tips and tricks by which you can boost the Wi-Fi speed and strength in your house permits.

Tips & Tricks To Boost Wi-Fi Speed and Signal Strength

  1. Update Wi-Fi Router Firmware – Always keep the firmware of your Wi-Fi router updated to the latest update.
  2. Choose 5GHz Frequency– You should always choose 5GHz frequency instead of 2.4GHz in your dual band router. This helps in offering better internet speed to the users. By default some routers have a 2.4GHz frequency selected, so have a check and change it to 5GHz for the better result.
  3. Mesh Network – If you have a big house then you shall consider upgrading to a mesh wi-fi for good speed and maximum coverage. Mesh WiFi network systems consist of the main router that connects directly to your modem. A series of satellite modules are placed around your house for full WiFi coverage. All the satellite modules placed in your house is a part of a single wireless network & also share the same SSID and password.
  4. Check Placement of Wi-Fi Routers – Do not keep the Wi-Fi router near the walls. This impacts the speed of the internets along with the wi-fi signal strength. Placing your Wi-Fi router in an open area inside your home is going to give a good advantage.
  5. Control Bandwidth – Control your Wi-Fi bandwidth distribution in your router. This helps in regulating the distribution of the upload and download speed limit gave to each connected device. For Eg, if 3 devices are connected to a single router and one of the devices is downloading some files, then this is going to impact the download speed of other 2 devices as well.
  6. Upgrade to New Wi-Fi Router with Booster – If you have an old wifi router then you shall also think of upgrading it with a new one that comes with an in-built signal booster. This helps in boosting the signal strength and you get most out of your existing data plan.
  7. Install Wi-Fi Antenna – Installing a wi-fi antenna in large houses like a duplex, 3BHK, and more can help you get rid of low wi-fi signal coverage.
  8. Change Your Internet Plan – If you have a basic internet plan, then you should think of upgrading it to a plan that offers a better download & upload speed. This shall be done only if required.
  9. Install Wi-Fi Repeaters – The Wi-Fi repeaters also known as extenders can boost the wi-fi coverage along with speed in the large houses.
  10. Change Your Wi-Fi Password Frequently – Sometimes changing wi-fi password can also give you added advantage and increase your wi-fi speed. There is a chance that your wi-fi is being used by someone (neighbors, friends) without your permission.

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