Railway Riddles Answers Today (SOLVED): Win a Trip on Train Via Europe

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What is Railway Riddles June’s Journey

Railway Riddles June’s Journey is an exciting riddle contest happening online on railwayriddles.com website and mobile app. Residents from United States, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Australia, and Spain can participate in the Railway Riddles and win a once in a lifetime trip aboard a luxury train through Europe. The riddle Starts on 27 Sept 2020 and it ends on 4 Oct 2020. This makes it a total of eight days from 27th September 2020 to solve the Railway Riddles.

Railway Riddles Prizes:

  • 1x Belmond Gift Cards worth $15000
  • 100x Railway Riddles “Infinity Roses” boxes worth $100 each
  • 1,000x in-game virtual item 5-Star Boxes

Steps to Participate in Railway Riddles June’s Journey

  1. Firstly, visit Railway Riddles June’s Journey official website.
  2. Scroll down and tap on “Join the Search” to register. If in case you are an existing user, click on the Login button.
  3. Enter the required details and hit the register or login button.
  4. Read the info carefully and close it by hitting the x button on the upper right corner.
  5. Now once you are in the Carriage 1, click on the door 101.
  6. Enter the compartment 101 and tap on the box (shining).
  7. Read the riddle question and enter the correct answer.
  8. Click on the submit button.
  9. Follow the same process above and solve all the 12 riddles to win the exciting prizes.

Railway Riddles Answers

Railway Riddles Carriage 3 Answers

Carriage 2 Last Door Riddle: Trace your steps back. Find chunks of me. Do try to be smart. I go on forever, but the last safe holds my start. Though I’m infinite, there’s only space here for four. Find the chunk that would follow next to open this locked door.

Answer: 2384

Railway Riddles Compartment 301: Some think I have five siblings here, But they are surely wrong. All is not how it may appear, For I do not belong.

Answer: Carrot

Railway Riddles Compartment 302: Go to where you find news of June. Her exploits and her fate. There is an image posted there, on this calendar date. The password that you need is what is depicted there. So name it and you have your code. Surely that is fair.

Answer: Bird

Railway Riddles Compartment 303: D-8-53-7-G 53-T 8-92-R-34-116-99. Use your deductive skills to gain entry. A true detective knows this is elementary.

Answer: Doing it ourselves

Railway Riddles Compartment 304: You’ve puzzled through all of these clues, it’s a wonder you’re still here! There’s one last mystery to solve, and then all will be clear. There’s something small hidden with those of influence and fame, If you can work out what it is then you’ll finish this game.

Answer: Golden Rose

Carriage 1 Answers

Compartment 101 Riddle: Some People Think I Bring Bad Luck and Harm, But Find Me Thrice and I’m a Charm

Answer: Black Cat

Compartment 102 Riddle: When all is shadowed, dark as night, Just look for me out in the light.

Answer: Rose

Compartment 103 Riddle: With eyes that see I can’t be found, But rest assured I’m all around. The thing you need is just my name. Discover that and beat this game.

Answer: Silhouetted

Carriage 1 Last Door Riddle: Black’s 100, blue’s 10, red’s 5. This lady is all in. If to pass this door you strive, Find the total the dame’s holdin’.

Answer: 565

Carriage 2 Answers

Compartment 201 Riddle: The word you need is hidden near, But Samuel M… could make it clear.

Answer: Amateur

Compartment 202 Riddle: Don’t forget me for Goodnight Moon’s favorite brew, Without me in her glass, the drink simply won’t do

Answer: Pomegranate

Compartment 203 Riddle: Her pretty wings, as still as stone, as she waits on the wall, Once bright with vibrant summer hues, are now brown as fall. The word you seek, the former tint of her and her sisters’ wings, On Orchid Island can be found, at the beginning of all things.

Answer: Blue

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