Select 3 Balls To Make 30 Answer (SOLVED)

Select 3 balls to make 30 is the latest puzzle being shared on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and more. This puzzle is a combination of mathematics along with common sense. Here in this post today we are going to share the Select 3 Balls To Make 30 Answer. Also for your better understanding, we will provide the step by step solution for this puzzle.

Select 3 Balls To Make 30 Answer

The 3 Balls To Make 30 Answer is 6, 11 and 13.

Select 3 Balls To Make 30 Math Solution

To select 3 balls and place them inside the circles to make it 30 we have to do the following:-

Firstly we are going to do some adjustments to the ball. Here we will turn the number 9 at 180 degrees and make it 6. We are doing this because in the instruction it is clearly mentioned to put the balls in a way to make the sum of those balls 30. Also, it not been said that we have to put those exact numbers on the balls. So taking note of this, we are rotating the number 9 to make it number 6.

Now from column one, we have taken 6

Whereas from the 2nd column we are taking 11

And from the 3rd column, we take 13

After adding all the 3 numbers 6, 11, and 13 it will be 30.

Here’s how: 6 + 11 + 13 = 30

Hence, the 3 Balls To Make 30 are 6, 11 and 13