P/Guillelo ANSWER | Broom + Witch + Wand = ? (SOLVED)

p guillelo answers, guillelo quiz, p guilello, 3 witches equal 45, witch, wand, broom Answer: P/Guillelo is the new puzzle trending on the internet. The image shows clues like witches, broom, and wand that totals to a number like 45, 21, and 12. So here we have to find the 4th clue puzzle. In the 4th clue, we have to find the number for the broom + witch + wand.

So here in this post, we are going to find the answer to the P/Guillelo puzzle.

P/Guillelo Answer:

The P/Guillelo Answer is 73

P Guillelo Answers Explanation:

Let’s find the value of wand first. 21/3=7 so 1 wand = 7.

Now Let’s find the value of brooms. There are 4 Brooms, so 12/4 is 3. Thus 1 Broom = 3 (Note – There are 4 brooms in the 3rd clue image, the middle there are 2 brooms place one on one)

Next, we are going to find the witches value. So (witch + wand + broom) x 3 = 45. Now divide both sides by 3 to simplify into witch + wand + broom = 15. Plug in the known values, witch + 7 + 3 = 15.

So witch = 5.

Now finally we have (Broom = 3 + witch = 5) x (2 x wand = 14)

So in the given order, we do multiplication before addition.

So the final equation is 3+(5 x 14) = 73

So the P/Guillelo Answer is “73”

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