Jio Free Recharge Offer: Rs 498 Free Recharge for all Jio Users [FACT CHECK]

498 Free Recharge, Jio Free Recharge Offer – There is no doubt that during every festival like Diwali, Dussehra and more Jio announces a new offer for its customers. Recently we saw a 498 Free Recharge offer going viral on social media platforms. And just after a few days now a new message is being shared widely on WhatsApp, FB and more. This tie the message claims that Reliance jio is offering Rs 498 Free Recharge to all its users.

What is Jio 498 Free Recharge Offer

According to some users, they have received a forward message on WhatsApp that says “Free 498 Recharge For all Jio users”. The message is followed by an image of Reliance Jio chairman Mr. Mukesh Ambani.

Furthermore, if we scroll the webpage, we see:-

Jio Free Recharge Offer 498

So in short, the website ( claims to be offering Free 498 Recharge For all Jio users on the occasion of achieving 50 crores users.

Now let’s see if the website is really giving the free recharge or its just a spam.

Rs 498 Free Jio Recharge Offer Fact Check – Is it real or Fake

To avail the free jio recharge, we have to fill our name, mobile number, state.

Thereafter the website asks us to forward the offer to 5 users through WhatsApp to claim the offer.

Once we forward the message on WhatsApp and come back on the website and hit the recharge button a message pops up and it says: “We have successfully received your recharge request. Due to too many requests, your recharge will be processed within 5 to 6 days.

Fact Check – The free recharge never happens and the user ends up sharing the spam link on the social media platforms. The offer and website look so real that the customers think its the real one but the reality is it is a fake website. It’s our kind request that please do not share your personal details on this website as it can be used for various scam purposes.