Jio Free Recharge 448 – It’s Real or Fake [Fact Check]

Jio Free Recharge 448 – Reliance Jio is known for offering best offers in Industry from the starting. There is a new viral message being forwarded on social media, WhatsApp, Messenger and more. As per the message, Jio is giving free recharge of Rs 448 to every Indian user for its completions of 100 crore users.

So in this article, we are going to check whether the Jio Free Recharge 448 message is Real or fake. So now let’s get started.

What is Jio Free Recharge 448 Viral Message?

The Jio Free Recharge 448 social media viral message is “Jio के 100 करोड़ कस्टमर पुरे होने की ख़ुशी में Jio सभी इंडियन यूजर को दे रहा है 448 रुपये तक का रिचार्ज फ्री में तो अभी निचे लिंक पर क्लिक करके अपनी फ्री रिचार्ज करे।”.

Jio Free Recharge 448 – Real or Fake | Fact Check

We tried to open the link and grab the offer. Here is what we found:-

  1. The link provided opens a website that looks like Reliance Jio official website, but it is not.
  2. The URL that gets open is jio-recharges[dot] com whereas the official jio website URL is
  3. After filling all the details the website asks to share the offer with 5 friends to get instant 448 rs recharge. This message is followed by another message i.e. – Hello, Ritesh , हमें आपके के Jio नंबर 9241xxxx2 की रिचार्ज रिक्वेस्ट मिली हे. रिचार्ज करने के लिए Jio का प्रचार करे और फ्री में 448 रुपये का रिचार्ज प्राप्त करने के लिए निचे नीले रंग की लिंक पर क्लिक करके इस OFFER! को 5 लोगो या 5 ग्रुप में भेजना होगा ताकि OFFER का प्रचार हो सके इसके बाद आप नीले बटन को दबा कर फ्री में रिचार्ज कर सकते हो।”.
  4. We shared the message with our office team WhatsApp numbers and we got nothing.

Final Conclusion on Jio Free Recharge 448 Offer Message

This Jio Free Recharge 448 offer is fake and it seems that this scam message. It’s going viral on social media just because the people are forwarding the message to get the free recharge. I and my team here at GadgetGrasp have personally verified the offer and we have come to the conclusion that this fave scam is being run to get the user’s personal details like name, email id, and mobile numbers.

This is our kind request that please do not fill your details in the website as it can be used for several scam purposes without your knowledge.