Instagram Introduces Dark Mode for Android & iOS, Here’s How to use it

Instagram has released the most awaited Dark Mode for Android and iOS devices. Now you can enjoy the dark look and entirely new feel of the Instagram app. In order to enjoy Instagram Dark mode, the users have to update the Instagram app to the latest version via google play store and apple app store.

Along with the new look, the dark mode also helps users to save battery on the OLED screen smartphones.

Dark Mode in Instagram App

Unlike the toggle switch to turn on dark mode as we have it on the Youtube and Twitter app, the Instagram doesn’t have a dedicated button. To turn on the Dark Mode in Instagram App, you shall have to enable the dark mode on your device. The recently introduced Apple iOS 13 comes with the dark mode for apple devices starting from iPhone SE till iPhone 11 series. Whereas Android 10 OS is pre-packed with the dark mode. As of now, the Android 10 is available only on the Essential phone and Google Pixel smartphones.

How to Enable Instagram Dark Mode

  • Download and install the latest version of the Instagram app on your android device.
  • Now go to settings of your smartphone.
  • Locate the theme options and tap on Dark mode.
  • Tap on the toggle switch to turn on the dark mode theme on your device.
  • Now open the Instagram app to enjoy the whole new Dark Mode.

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