EMUI 9.0 Is Coming To India With 28 Local Languages, GPU Turbo, Better Performance – Full Features

EMUI 9.0 is the latest UI from Huwai for its Honor smartphone. The company has revealed that it is bringing the EMUI 9.0 to India. This latest update is specially designed for Indian users. The company has per packed some of the most used Apps like PayTM with the EMUI 9.0 update.

Also, the company claims that the App load time in EMUI 9.0 is quite faster as compared to the previous EMUI 8. In a statement, Huawei also promised a 12.9% better performance in the latest version of EMUI.EMUI 9 Performance

In EMUI 9, Huawei has introduced GPU Turbo 2.0. It is the second generation graphics processing acceleration technology. GPU Turbo 2.0 delivers smooth gaming experience as well as better touch controls during gameplay.

The company has also powered the EMUI 9.0 with the gesture-based navigation system. This helps in signaling the reduction in the significance of the canonical home screen & in the process shifting to an interface that helps in streamlining the process of switching between apps.

Some of the other India specific features of EMUI 9.0 includes 28 Indian language support and it comes with local calendar design.