Bigg Boss 13 Vivo Caller Of The Week Contest: Win a chance to speak to Salman Khan

Bigg Boss 13 Vivo Caller Of The Week Contest

Good news for all Bigg Boss fans. Bigg Boss 13 has now started and this time the show has a contest called Vivo Caller Of The Week for all the viewers. You can win a chance to speak to the BB 13 host Salman khan by participating in this contest. All you have to do is just select your favorite housemate, submit a question you would like to ask your favorite housemate and provide your details. Each week one question will be selected and the Caller of the Week might get an opportunity to ask the question via an audio call or video call his/her favorite housemate. Also, you may get a chance to speak and interact with Salman Khan.

Steps to participate in Bigg Boss 13 Vivo Caller Of The Week Contest

  1. Visit the contest page on
  2. Select one (1) name or photograph of any of your favorite contestant.
  3. Enter your full name, email id, mobile number.
  4. Enter a question that you would like to ask your favorite Bigg Boss 13 housemate.
  5. Tap on the Submit button to send your question.
  6. It’s done, you have successfully participated in Vivo Caller Of The Week Contest.

Bigg Boss 13 Vivo Caller Of The Week Contest Full Details, Terms & Conditions

  1. The Contest is open for all individuals who are residents of India.
  2. The Contest shall commence from 29 September 2019 [‘Start Date’] and shall end on 12 January 2020  [‘Closing Date] or the week before the finale week of the Program, whichever is later.
  3. If the Participant is/are below 18 years of age, then he participation herein should be done with the prior consent and knowledge of such Participant’s parents or legal guardians and all obligations, representations, responsibilities and undertakings.
  4. Viacom18 shall have the unrestricted right and authority to disqualify any Participant, at any point of time, if it comes to Viacom18’s knowledge that such Participants had participated without the due consent, knowledge and awareness of his/her/their parent or legal guardian and/or the Participant is in breach of any conditions or undertakings stated herein.
  5. The participant is required to log on to the Viacom18’s web link i.e. and then select one (1) name/photograph of any of his/her favorite housemate of the Program as provided on the Contest weblink.
  6. Submit 1 (one) question which he/she/transgender would like to ask his/her/transgender’s favorite housemate of the Program and then provide his/her/transgender name, age, phone number and email address as a part of the Contest registration process.
  7. The Participant is entitled to submit as many Question(s) he/she may like and participate in the Contest unlimited number of times, during the Contest Period.
  8. Upon successful submission of the Question, Participant will receive an acknowledgment message which will be displayed on the Viacom18’s website.
  9. However, mere receipt of the acknowledgment message shall neither entitle the Participant to the Gratification and /or any benefit nor shall put any obligation on Viacom18.
  10. All the details including the contact details along with the questions of the Participants shall be provided to the Programming Team of Colors on every Thursday of the week.
  11.  Upon successful submission of the Question and adherence of all terms hereof, Viacom18 at its sole discretion shall select 1 Question each week (except for the finale week of the program) during the Contest Period .
  12. The Participant whose Question has been selected by Viacom18 i.e. Caller of the Week may get an opportunity to ask the Question vide an audio call/video call to his/her favorite housemate of the Program and also may get a chance to speak and interact with Program’s host i.e. Mr. Salman Khan in any episode of the Program during the Contest Period.
  13. The host Mr. Salman Khan shall ask the Question to the Participant using a vivo mobile phone every week (except in the finale week).
  14. The call shall have a ‘VIVO Caller of the Week’ bug, which will showcase the name as well as the other details of the Participant.
  15. The Contest shall be further promoted by playing a 10-second branded VIVO slate before the break during the weekday episodes.
  16. The slate shall be backed by a voice-over, which will be asking the viewers to participate in the said Contest.