Poetic Pop Quiz Answers Today

Poetic Pop Quiz Answers: AFK Arena is back with the popular Poetic Pop Quiz. This time the event starts from August 23rd, 2022 and ends on September 1st, 2022. The quiz starts everyday with set of 5 unique questions. The participants shall answer all the questions correctly to get exciting rewards like Diamonds, Faction Scrolls, and lot more.

Here in this post, we are going to solve and provide the Poetic Pop Quiz Answers. and Afk Arena Poetic Pop Quiz solutions. So without wasting any further time let us get started.

Poetic Pop Quiz Day 1 Answers

Question 1: Which of these is NOT a hero of “The Traveling Trio” union?

Answer – Peggy – The Precious Pearl

Question 2: Which of the following heroes’ gear is classified as “Plate Armor” and a “Heavy Weapon”?

Answer – Thoran – The Fallen King

Question 3: What is the location of the Whispers, founded by Nara – Heartcarver and Sonja – Ruler of the Underworld?

Answer – Thoran – The Fallen King

Question 4: Which of the following heroes does not belong to the Lightbearer Empire Faction?

Answer – Rustport

Question 5: Which finger on his right hand does Brutus – Lion’s Pride wear his red ring?

Answer –  Middle finger

Poetic Pop Quiz Day 2 Answers

Question 1: Which attribute reduces the Critical Strike damage received by a hero?

Answer – Crit Damage Resistance

Question 2: Khazard – The Frozen Terror is which hero’s predecessor?

Answer – Seirus – Savior of the Sea

Question 3: What is the nickname of the doll Daimon – the Forsaken Child’s mother made for him?

Answer – Stitchy

Question 4: When Kalene – The Bloody Feast commands her Necrohound to attack an enemy, what effect is caused after the enemy is dealt damage and knocked back?

Answer – Stun

Question 5: How many scars does Anasta – The Sacrifice have above her eyes?

Answer – 2

Poetic Pop Quiz Day 3 Answers

Question 1: When Haelus – The Crafter uses his Ultimate skill, what is the maximum number of obelisks that can be summoned simultaneously?

Answer – 1

Question 2: Which heroes are not related by blood?

Answer – Hendrik – The Defender & Gwyneth – The Fair Maiden

Question 3: What is the identity of the buyer who bought young Eorin – The Forest Sting from the slave trader?

Answer – Mine owner

Question 4: After unlocking the skill “Poisonous Mushroom”, what effect will Eorin – The Forest Sting apply to the enemy when he attacks with his spearhead?

Answer – Poisonous Mushroom

Question 5: How many different changes can the sword of Brutus – Lion’s Pride undergo during a battle at most?

Answer – 3

Poetic Pop Quiz Day 4 Answers

Question 1: In The Oak Inn’s Workshop, how many people are in the photo on the craftsman’s table?

Answer – 2

Question 2: After a hero has left the Resonating Crystal, how long must you wait before you can add another hero to the slot?

Answer – 24 hours

Question 3: What had been the profession of Izold – The Forgotten Champion before he was transformed?

Answer – Soldier

Question 4: What percentage of her own max health can Astar – The Brilliant Flame restore instantly when she uses the skill “Life Sparks”?

Answer – 20%

Question 5: What is the relationship between Anasta – The Sacrifice and Brutus – Lion’s Pride?

Answer – Teacher and student

Poetic Pop Quiz Day 5 Answers

Question 1: How many cards is the Stargazer holding?

Answer – 4

Question 2: In the story “The Gallant Three”, what type of beast did Morvus hunt and kill?

Answer – Bear

Question 3: When a Lightbearer faction gear is reset, it will not be changed to which faction?

Answer – Dimensional

Question 4: What was the final judgment received by Joan of Arc – Dawn Protector before she arrived at Esperia?

Answer – To be sent to the burning stake

Question 5: What additional effect will Hodgkin – The Reviled Captain inflict on his enemy once his Ultimate skill “The Immortal” reaches level 2?

Answer – Terrify

Poetic Pop Quiz Day 6 Answers

Question 1: Which tower in the King’s Tower can only be challenged by Celestial Heroes?

Answer – Celestial Sanctum

Question 2: Which of the following heroes is not a Warrior?

Answer – Raine – Death’s Denier

Question 3: What color is the magic orb in Shemira – Corpsemaker’s hand (default skin)?

Answer – Green

Question 4: Desira – The Sinister Siren started hearing a voice after she turned into a Graveborn. Whose was it?

Answer – Quaedam

Question 5: After Granit – Desert’s Stone uses the skill “Sand Vortex” (highest level) to petrify an enemy, the enemy will not suffer which of the following negative effects?

Answer – Bleeding

Poetic Pop Quiz Day 7 Answers – August 29, 2022

Question 1: Which of these has the most eyes?

Answer – Torne – The Wandering Corsair.

Question 2: Orthros – The Seer of Origins considers who to be his nemesis?

Answer – Zolrath – Voidbinder.

Question 3: Which of the following is not a potion made by Melusina – Baba Yaga?

Answer – Potion of Dementia

Question 4: Which of the following heroes is not a Support Hero?

Answer – Solise – The Floral Wonder

Question 5: How many wolf cubs did Mishka – The Wild Child take in?

Answer – 2

Poetic Pop Quiz Day 8 Answers – August 30, 2022

Question 1: When does the effect of Talene’s ‘The Solaran Realm’ trigger?

Answer – When allied heroes take Critical Strike damage

Question 2:  How many hours of AFK Rewards can be earned through Fast Rewards?How many hours of AFK Rewards can be earned through Fast Rewards?

Answer – 2 hours

Question 3: What type of flower is on the brooch on Sonja – Ruler of the Underworld’s chest?

Answer – Rose

Question 4: Which faction did Brutus – Lion’s Pride discover that Anasta – The Sacrifice was conspiring with?

Answer – Lightbearers

Question 5: Angelo . Song of Dawn’s best friend Harry is what?

Answer – A cat

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