Stump Me Answers & Walkthrough: Level 1 to 90 Solved (All Levels)

Stump Me! – Can you pass it? is an exciting puzzle game. It is one of the best puzzles out there to help us test our IQ level. This game has a total of 90 levels and each level is unique and full of tricky brain teasers. Some of the levels are quite easy whereas some levels like level 7, 13, 14, 21, 22, 27, 36, 52, 57, 69, 74, 88, 89 and few more are really difficult to be solved. So here we are with all the Stump Me answers for each level from 1 to 90.

Stump Me Level 1 to Level 90 Answers

Stump Me Answers Level 1 – 10

Level 1 – Find the biggest Fruit!

Answer is – Mango

Level 2 – What number is it under your bag?

Answer is – Number 9

Level 3 – Find the largest color area!

Answer is – White

Level 4 – Make all the water bottles the same!

Answer is – Press the ends of the wires simultaneously to remove it.

Level 5 – Wake up the bat

Answer is – Drag and move the Sun out of the screen to wake up the Bat.

Level 6 – Find the biggest fish!

Answer is – Eat the fish one by one from smaller to larger and at last click on the Largest fish.

Level 7 – Which champagne is different?

Answer is – Shake your device for a few seconds to find the odd one

Level 8 – Feed back

Answer is – Give a feedback

Level 9 – Could you turn on the air conditioner?

Answer is – Move the Microwave, then Paper, then coffee mug, then Table. you get the remote to turn on the AC

Level 10 – Help with ticket checking of the concert

Answer is – Use your 2 fingers to zoom out and tear the ticket

Stump Me Answers Level 11 – 20

Level 11 – What time is it

Answer is – Input your phone time in 24-hours format

Level 12 – Feed it with bone!

Answer is – Drag & move ‘bone’ word from the question text to the dog’s mouth.

Level 13 – Find the smallest fruit!

Answer is – Click on the word ‘FRUIT’ in the question text.

Level 14 – This car is dirty. clean it!

Answer is – Wipe the dust on the car with your fingers to clean it.

Level 15 – Make all the water bottles the same!

Answer is – Drag the water from all the bottles

Level 16 – Make the black hole devour everything!

Answer is – Drag and put everything into the black hole including the question text.

Level 17 – How many holes are there on this cloth?

Answer is – 8

Level 18 – How to put this elephant into the fridge?

Answer is – Zoom out the elephant to make it smaller and then put it into the freezer

Level 19 – Make the equation works!

Answer is – Rotate your mobile upside down so that equation becomes 11=5+6

Level 20 – It is to dark. Turn on the light please

Answer is – Click on the hint button to turn on the lights

Stump Me Answers Level 21 – 30

Level 21 – How many candies on the tables?

Answer is – 0

Level 22 – Open the door please!

Answer is – Long press on the doorknob to open the door

Level 23 – Which color is the missing of rainbow colors?

Answer is – Mix the red and yellow color to get the missing colour

Level 24 – How can an ant beat an elephant?

Answer is – Zoom out the ant to make it bigger than the elephant

Level 25 – Same question. Make all the water bottles the same!

Answer is – Drag the water from all the bottles

Level 26 – Counting her hair

Answer is – Click on her hair and drag it. There is no hair only a wig

Level 27 – If 1=10, 2=20, 3=30, 4=40…. then 10=?

Answer is – If 1=10 then 10=1

Level 28 – Click on the next button to pass!

Answer is – Pick the ‘next’ word from question text, then drag and drop it on the green button, then click on that green button

Level 29 – Wake up this baby!

Answer is – Long tap on her nose to block it.

Level 30 – Find out a yellow duck!

Answer is – drag and slide the screen to the bottom left corner, there you will find a big yellow duck in the right upper corner.

Stump Me Answers Level 31 – 40

Level 31 – Click the thumb ten times, then click the pass button to pass

Answer is – Count yourself, this counting on the screen is wrong or else when counter shows 9 (nine) click on Pass

Level 32 – What is your current body temperature?

Answer is – Press the thermometer until it becomes 38 degree

Level 33 – What is the right answers?

Answer is – The right answer is 33, so click between 32 and 34

Level 34 – Dry this dress quickly!

Answer is – Lift the dress and shake it very fast to make it dry quickly.

Level 35Open the box

Answer is – Use your two-fingers to swipe up the lid to open the box

Level 36Make a rectangle with following shapes

Answer is – Move the yellow figure to the left side to hide the triangular part outside the screen to make it a square

Level 37 – Which one is inedible?

Answer is – Click on the plate as it is inedible

Level 38 – Make a fire

Answer is – Keep rubbing your finger on the wood for 8 to 10 seconds to make it catch fire.

Level 39 – Find the most special lemon!

Answer is – Shake the device to find the special lemon

Level 40 –  Look for a circle

Answer is – Click on the ‘CIRCLE’ in the question text.

Stump Me Answers Level 41 – 50

Level 41 – Continue to watch live

Answer is – Drag the mouse pointer to the left of the TV Screen to the play sign button to watch it live.

Level 42 – Tear down this paper!

Answer is – Long tap on the board lock to tear down the paper

Level 43 – What number is it under your bag?

Answer is – 87

Level 44 – Which direction the cupid’s Arrow goes?

Answer is – Towards the left direction

Level 45 – Help him to do his homework

Answer is – Rub on his sleepy eyes and swipe his glasses

Level 46 – Defeat the boss!

Answer is – Mix all the three fires to make it big and then swipe it up to defeat the boss.

Level 47 – Unlock you phone!

Answer is – Slide left to unlock

Level 48 – Let each plate have an apple

Answer is – Drag the word ‘apple’ from the question text to the plate

Level 49 – How many coins do I have?

Answer is – 7 coins

Level 50 – Enter the passcode!

Answer is – 80021

Stump Me Answers Level 51 – 60

Level 51 – Swatting the mosquito

Answer is – Put your one finger to attract the mosquito and tap on the mosquito by another finger.

Level 52 – Password blind guess! Press “#” to end!

Answer is – 1225 is the answer

Level 53 – Which one should not appear here?

Answer is – Mosquito

Level 54 – Make the equation works

Answer is – Drag the upper part of 8 that looks like 0 to make 0+0=0

Level 55 – Help the car to reach the final destination

Answer is – Swipe the road

Level 56 – Change 5 bars of candy into 6 bars of candy!

Answer is – In the question text replace the number 5 with 6 and drag 6 on 5

Level 57 – How many curves in the picture below?

Answer is – Zero

Level 58 – Click the fruit from small to large

Answer is – Click on the ‘Fruit’ word In question text, then peanut, then watermelon, then banana and at last Mango.

Level 59 – Looking for a volcano

Answer is – Tap on the word ‘volcano’ in the question text.

Level 60 – Find the chick

Answer is – Shake your mobile until the egg breaks

Stump Me Answers Level 61 – 70

Level 61 – If cat 74, cat 96 the cat – cat =?

Answer is – 74-69=5, so the correct solution is 5

Level 62 – Keep the scale in balance

Answer is – remove everything including animals to keep it balanced

Level 63 – Help the captain to find his hook

Answer is – Drag ‘?’ and put it in his right hand

Level 64 – When the apple appears, click it

Answer is – Tap on the apple when it appears

Level 65 – One day, your goddess gives you a love letter….

Answer is – Rotate your mobile phone upside down and swipe the letter out

Level 66 – Make the elevator go down

Answer is – Drag and move down the elevator

Level 67 – Time to show your APM! Break the record!

Answer is – Click on the shield continuously to break it or Zoom out the paper

Level 68 – Password blind guess! Press “#” to end!

Answer is – the password is 2019, so press 2019 followed by #

Level 69 – Find the strongest balloon

Answer is – Drag all the balloons and leave it on the >> button. The balloon that survives at last is the strongest balloon

Level 70 – The doggie wants to sleep

Answer is – Drag the sun to the dog. In the night it will sleep.

Stump Me Answers Level 71 – 80

Level 71 – No Photos!

Answer is – Tap on the camera lens to cover it

Level 72 – Make the elevator go down AGAIN

Answer is – Drag and move the ‘elevator’ word from the question text to the bottom of the screen

Level 73 – Work out x

Answer is – Click on the letter ‘x’ located in the triangle

Level 74 – Stunned hamster

Answer is – Drag the animal outside and beat it with the hammer to clear this level

Level 75 – Whose cellphone is it?

Answer is –  It is your phone. Tap the screen pf the cellphone to unlock it.

Level 76 – How can this two men get together?

Answer is – Lift the small rock/stone located in the bottom left of the hole and place it in between the two men and zoom it with 2 fingers to make it bigger

Level 77 – Which palm is most similar to hers?

Answer is – Click on her right hand

Level 78 – Mix the liquid in the test tube

Answer is – Tap your finger on the mouth of the tube and hold it. Now shake your phone to mix the liquid in the tube.

Level 79 – How to make the bat fall asleep?

Answer is – Keep your phone upside down to make the bat sleep

Level 80 – Let’s play a game: click those fingers, and do not get bitten by the crocodile.

Answer is – Close crocodile mouth and move hand to its nose

Stump Me Answers Level 81 – 90

Level 81 – Keep them in balance.

Answer is – Drag the birds down to keep them in balance

Level 82 – Find the heart!

Answer is – Click on the lamp button to find the heart

Level 83 – Help her to cross the road!

Answer is – Scratch the word ‘no’ to remove it

Level 84 – This baby is too shy! What should we do?

Answer is – Turn your mobile quickly to make the surrounding dark

Level 85 – Help the blue team to win

Answer is – Hold your phone upside down

Level 86 – Help him to find the way home!

Answer is – Remove the cages, now drag the rabbit to the end fast within the time

Level 87 – How can they share one apple?

Answer is – Zoom-out the apple to make it big

Level 88 – Make the equation works!

Answer is – Press 3 and 4 at the same time

Level 89 – Save his money!

Answer is – Scratch the girls face quickly

Level 90 – This man want to swim. Help him!

Answer is – Drag and remove the cloud from the sun

Final Words: We have given our best effort to find the correct answers of Stump Me! – Can you pass it? puzzle. In this post, we have personally verified the answers of all the levels from 1st to 90th and posted it for you. I hope this article solves your queries about the Stump Me Answers.

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