5 Things To Do Before Starting PUBG Mobile To Avoid Game Lag

PUBG game lagging issue has become one of the major issues for all the players. When the game lags in between the gameplay, it becomes very difficult to play the game and win it. So here in this post, I am going to tell you about the 5 important things that you should do before you start the PUBG Mobile on your device for smooth & lag free experience.

Restart Your Mobile

Restarting your device is the first step you should take before you start PUBG. Restarting your device helps you kill all the unwanted applications and process running in the background. Also, this process frees up your mobiles RAM that is highly beneficial for the gameplay.

Uninstall Unwanted App

You should consider uninstalling all the app that is not being used by you. As each app in your device, puts some extra weight on the RAM and the processor. Uninstalling the unwanted apps will make your experience smooth, along with adding up some extra hours of battery standby time.

Clear Device Catch Files

Very importantly, you should delete all the catch and temp files that are stored on your device. The catch files and temp files eat’s up a lot of storage space of your phone. Depending on the number of apps installed, your usage, and more aspects, your device catch data may be between 100MB to 6-7GB (or even more.

You can clear device catch files by using the pre-loaded cleaner app (if any) or by installing the FillesGo (by Google) or the Clean Master app. Both these apps are free to use and are very effective in clearing catch and temp data of the device.

Clean RAM Memory

Clearing the RAM memory of your phone is definitely going to give your game an amazing boost because every time you start any application on your phone and shut it down, that app keeps some logs on the RAM and it continually uses the RAM memory. The RAM cleaning process removes all the unwanted background hidden process. You can use a RAM cleaner option available in the clean master app to clear your RAM’s process.

Lower You Graphic, FPS

Setting your graphic and FPS (frame per second) setting at low is a must do a thing for lag-free PUBG experience. If your graphic and FPS is set to high, then the PUBG game uses a lot of RAM and processor memory of your phone. This leads to device heat up along with game lagging. So to end up this frustrating situation you should keep your graphic as well as FPS settings to low.

How to do it:-

  • Open PUBG Mobile on your device.
  • Tap on the setting icon available in the home screen (lobby).
  • Go to the graphics tab.
  • Select smooth option for graphics, and low option for the FPS.
  • Tap on the ok button.
  • Restart the game.
  • Now you are all set for smooth and lag-free PUBG Mobile gaming experience.

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