Mobile Legends Quiz Answers: Win Epic Skin for Free (SOLVED)

Mobile Legends Quiz answers, Mobile Legends quiz event answers: Mobile Legends is back with an exciting event quiz contest for all the true fans of MLBB. It is a knowledge-based quiz where the players have to answer 18 simple questions related to the popular Mobile Legends multiplayer online battle arena game. This contest starts on March 16, 2020 and ends on March 20th, 2020.

Here in this post,we are going to provide all the correct answers of the Mobile Legends Quiz event 2020. So just scroll down to get all the answers.

Mobile Legends Quiz Answers: Win Free Epic Skin

Q – What does Franco hate most?

A. Drinking

B. Singing

C. Dancing

D. Swimming

Answer – Swimming

Q – Who saved Franco from drowning?

A. Frenya

B. Bane

C. Aurora

D. Hilda

Answer – Frenya

Q – What do people call the waters near Northern Vale in the North of the Land of Dawn?

A. The Forgiving Sea

B. The Forgotten Sea

C. The Frozen Sea

D. The Flapping Sea

Answer – The Frozen Sea

Q – Which one is NOT a place in Northern Vale?

A. Megalith Wasteland

B. Martyrs Shrine

C.  Queens Peak

D. Haunted Cavern

Answer – Haunted Cavern

Q – What is the name of the artifact that has been inherited for ages by the Northern valers?

A. Aurora hand

B. Aurora heart

C. Aurora liver

D. Aurora Foot

Answer – Aurora heart

Q- Which of the following lines does NOT belong to Freya?

A. I am daughter of Northern Vale. I swear to protect it till my last breath.

B. The ocean is just our home. It is who we are.

C. Sprits of the Northern Vale guide me!

D. People of Northern Vale may be defeated, but never conquered!

Answer – The ocean is just our home. It is who we are.

Q – Where is Atlas heading for with Aurora Heart?

A. The Abyss

B. The Hell

C. Cadia Riverlands

D. The World’s End

Answer – The Abyss

Q – What did Atlas want to do with Aurora Heart?

A. To add it to his collections

B. To show it around to his people

C. To remove the injunction curse on the Abyss

D. To absorb the inside energy

Answer – To remove the injunction curse on the Abyss

Q – Why was Franco feeling lost when Freya took Aurora Heart back to Martvrs’ Shrine?

A. He lost all his loots

B. He had no opponents

C. He had a crush on Ireya

D. He had no drinks

Answer – He had a crush on Ireya

Q – What is the name of bane’s crews?

A. The Black Shark Pirates

B. The killer Whale Pirates

C. The Blackbeard Pirates

D. The Straw Hat Pirates

Answer – The Black Shark Pirates

Q- Which place is nearest to Northern Vale?

A. The Magic Academy

B. The Eruditio

C. Moniyan

D. The Abyss Crack

Answer – The Magic Academy

Q- According to the Story of “Fighters on Stormy Sea”, who is Bane’s most loved man?

A. Zidane

B. Bekham

C. Zygmunt

D. Chopper

Answer – Zygmunt

Q- According to the Story of “Fighters on Stormy Sea”, what is the name of Franco’s ship that destroyed by

A. The Daydream

B. The Thousand Sunny

C. The Nightwheel

D. The Nightmare

Answer – The Nightwheel

Q- Which hero is able to sense the presence of a Twilight Orb?

A. Belerick

B. Grock

C. Rafaela

D. Lumox

Answer – Lumox

Q- How many Twilight Orbs have appeared so far in the Land of Dawn?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

Answer – 4

Q- According to the legend of Franco, why was he looked down by others?

A. Because he’s weak

B. Because he cannot swim

C. Because he’s ugly

D. Because he’s short

Answer – Because he’s short

Q- According to the legend of Atlas, who caged Atlas and his people in Abvss?

A. The King of Light

B. The lord of Abyss

C. The Ancient Ones

D. The Forefathers

Answer – The Ancient Ones

Q- What is the name of the Twilight Orb that once appeared in the Land of Dawn?

A. The Grimoire

B. The Celestial Seed

C. The Juggemaut Stone

D. The Voodoo Totem

Answer – The Grimoire

Q- Which kind of creature is NOT commonly seen in Northern Vale?

Answer – Dragon Lizards

Q- What is the main duty of the Valkyries in the Northern Vale?

Answer – Guide the souls of the dead warriors to the afterlife

Q- According to the store of “Fighters on Stormy Sea”, what is the name Franco has given to his new ship?

A. The Valkyrle

B. The Franco

C. The New-Wheel

D. The Moby Dick

Answer – The Valkyrle

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