Kassadin Trivia Answers (SOLVED)

Kassadin Trivia Answers, wild rift kassadin trivia, kassadin’s trivia answers: League of legends wild rift is back with an exciting Trivia game for all its players. The name of this trivia is Kassadin’s Trivia. The Kassadin Trivia Quiz starts from August 5, 2022 and ends on 14th August, 2022. Whereas the answers will be revealed on August 11th, 2022. So the participants have to make sure to get all the guesses correct before the answers are revealed in order to claim all the rewards and loots.

To make it easy for all the Wild Rift players out there, here in this post we are going to solve and provide the Kassadin Trivia Answers. So now let us get started.

Kassadin Trivia Answers

Question 1. What is another name Kassadin goes by?


  1. The Death Wish
  2. Horok’s Blade
  3. The Void Walker
  4. Binsikhi

Answer – The Void Walker

Question 2. What does Kassadin use to protect himself from magic?

  1. Void Stone
  2. Shawl of Sal
  3. Null Sphere
  4. Void Start

Answer – Void Stone

Question 3. Who has Kassadin swom vengeance against?

  1. The Prophet
  2. Ezreal
  3. Everyone
  4. Ne’Zuk

Answer – The Prophet

Question 4. Kassadin possesses one half of a magical gauntlet; who has the other halt?

  1. Unknown
  2. Vi
  3. Ezreal
  4. Senna

Answer – Ezreal

Question 5. What does Kassadin want the most?

  1. Restore Shurima as a global power
  2. See his family again
  3. Find the other half of his gauntlet
  4. Destroy the void

Answer – Destroy the void

Question 6. What does Kassadin’s name mean in Shuriman?

  1. One who follows after
  2. Whom does the desert know?
  3. Desert Star
  4. The Dune’s Crest

Answer – Whom does the desert know?