Flipkart The Real 6 Quiz Answers: Win Realme 6 Phones

Flipkart The Real 6 Quiz Answers, Flipkart Realme Quiz, Flipkart Realme 6 Quiz Contest – Flipkart has announced a very exciting quiz contest called Flipkart The Real 6 Quiz. In this quiz, Flipkart will give you 6 simple clues on the contest page. The participants shall guess the correct answer for each clue and submit the answer. The lucky participants shall get a free Realme 6 smartphone as a prize from Flipkart.

To make this quiz an easy win, we are here with the Flipkart The Real 6 Quiz Answers. So just scroll down, check the correct answers for each clue questions, and win a brand new Realme 6 mobile phone.

Flipkart The Real 6 Quiz Answers: Win Realme 6 Phones

Clue 1 – Which 6 lettered celebrity is the brand ambassador of brand realme?

Answer – Salman

Clue 2 – How many lead characters are in the english Sitcom Series “Friends”?

Answer – 6

Clue 3 – Which realme series has the tagline PRO camera PRO display?

Answer – realme 6 series

Clue 4 – Who is the first Indian batsman to hit six consecutive sixes in a single over (any format)?

Answer – Ravi Shastri 

Clue 5 – In which 6 letter movie does Salman feature in as an Olympic Wrestler? 

Answer – Sultan

Clue 6 – What is the refresh rate of realme 6 series?

Answer – 90Hz

Flipkart The Real 6 Quiz Contest Details, Terms & Conditions

  1. As a part of the contest, the Customer has to visit Realme 6 store page(https://www.flipkart.com/realme-6-series-tt911k9-store), click on the contest banner, find the clues and answer the questions therein
  2. Three (3) Winners with the right answer will get Free Flipkart Gift Card Worth the value of newly launching Realme 6 phone worth of Rs 12,999 each.
  3. Customers can participate in the contest only with Mobile App and Flipkart Lite Platform.
  4. The contest will commence at 00:00 hrs on 6th March 2020 and ends at 23:59 hrs on 10th March 2020
  5. 3 participants with the right answer, will be selected as winners, 1000th, 2000th and 3000th participants with the right answer will be winners.
  6. Each winner will get Free Flipkart Gift Card Worth the value of newly launching Realme 6 smartphone Rs.12,999 each by 15th of April, 2020 on their registered email id.
  7. Participants have to check out the winner’s list on the Flipkart Mobile category landing page.
  8. The winners of Flipkart The Real 6 Quiz will be declared on the 20th March 2020 on Flipkart Mobile category landing page (https://www.flipkart.com/your-mobile-destination-store).
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