Flipkart MarQ Falkon Quiz Contest Answers: Win Laptops worth Rs 1.5 Lakh

Flipkart MarQ Falkon Quiz Contest Answers, Flipkart MarQ Quiz, Flipkart Falkon Quiz, Flipkart MarQ Falkon Laptop Quiz, Flipkart are you Falkonite quiz: Flipkart in association with MarQ is launching a brand new laptop named MarQ Falkon Aerbook. On the occasion of the launch, Flipkart has announced a quiz contest called “Flipkart MarQ Falkon Quiz: Are you a Falkonite?”. Here in this Flipkart contest, the participants have to give answers to 5 simple questions. The lucky participants will stand a chance to win free laptops worth Rs 1.5 lakh.

Here in this article, we are going to solve and give the Flipkart MarQ Falkon Quiz Contest Answers. So just choose the correct answers as mentioned below to win the Flipkart Quiz today.

Flipkart MarQ Falkon Quiz Contest Answers: Win Free Laptops | Are you Falkonite?

Question 1 – Which is the fastest animal on the planet which inspired the name for the MarQ Falkon Aerbook Laptops?

Answer – Gyrfalcon

Question 2 – How thin & light is the MarQ Falkon Aerbook?

Answer – 16.5mm & 1.26 Kg

Question 3 – What is the typical english keyboard format, found on most electronic devices, called?

Answer – QWERTY

Question 4 – Which is the fastest accelerating commercially available car in the world?

Answer – Bugatti Chiron

Question 5 – Just as the MarQ Falkon Aerbook is the best possible mix of remarkable style & powerful performance, tell us about your personal combination of style & performance that help you win in under any situation. (Under 50 words)

Answer – I pride myself on being able to make effective decisions, quickly, with few details required to help me win in under any situation.