Flipkart Game Zone Quiz – Play & Win GoPro At Rs 1

Flipkart GoPro Quiz Game is now live on Flipkart app. Play this quiz now and stand a chance to win GoPro At Rs 1. Also, 1500 lucky winners will get free SuperCoins. This quiz game is now live on Flipkart app. To participate in this quiz, just open the Flipkart app and tap on the GoPro Game banner located on the homepage.

Here we are going to tell you more details about the Flipkart GoPro Quiz. So read this post till the end to know about this game contest.

How To Play & Win GoPro At Rs 1

  • Open Flipkart app.
  • Click on the Flipkart GoPro At Rs 1 Quiz banner located in the homepage.
  • Hit the start button.
  • The quiz will start in few seconds.
  • Guess the images.
  • Submit the best guess answer within 20 seconds.
  • Score high score to increase the chances of winning prize.

Flipkart GoPro Quiz Game Details, Terms & Conditions

  1. This contest is available only on Flipkart app.
  2. The age of participants must be 18 years or above.
  3. This contest is valid for the Flipkart customers who have made a minimum on transection on the website/app and not canceled or returned the product purchased.
  4. Complete the activities which are listed on the contest page to increase the chances of winning.
  5. As part of contest, each question will be presented in the form of an image along with a set of characters.
  6. For each question, you will be required to utilize the given set of characters to form a word that best represents the given image and submit your entry as the answer.
  7. The contest will require you to answer 10 questions and each answer shall be considered valid only if it is submitted within 20 seconds from the appearance of the question.
  8. Once question submission time has lapsed, the correct answer for each question will be displayed.
  9. You will be awarded 200 points for each correct answer submission.
  10. An additional time bonus of 1 point for every one second remaining between your answer submission and question time.
  11. For each contest, you are entitled to skip one question of your choice by clicking on the skip button.
  12. At the end of the contest, the participants will be ranked in descending order of the total number of points scored by them.
  13. The prizes will be given on or before 25th July 2019.