Find Eatables Puzzle Answer (SOLVED)

Find Eatables Puzzle Answer is the latest puzzle being shared widely on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. In this puzzle, we have to identify the food items in a picture. The picture puzzle has 18 items of food and we have to find the food name. People across the globe are sharing this puzzle on WhatsApp with friends and family and challenging them to find the eatables answers.

So here we are with the correct find eatables puzzle answer. In the meanwhile, you can also check a similar Interpret The Following picture puzzle. Well, now let us get started.

Find Eatables Puzzle

Find Eatables Puzzle

Find Eatables Puzzle Answers

1. square dish = Radish

2. So up = Soup

3. Ro Tea = Roti

4. Card A Mom = Cardamom

5. Mango Pie = Aamras

6. C heart S = Cloves

7. Sam / = Sambar

8. 2 ma 2 = Tomato

9. ? er = Water

10. Fast = Breakfast

11. Sun Dal = Masur Dal

12. Sand ? = Sandwich

13. Cash U Nut = Cashew nuts

14. Ja Moon = Jamun

15. Straw berry = stawberries

16. Salt ma = Upma

17. car age = Cabbage

18. tree apple = Pineapple

19. Cha aai = Chai

20. Gr monkey s = Grapes

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