Airtel Diwali Mahotsava Answers: Play Quiz, Tambola, Spin to Win Prizes Worth Rs 60 Lakh

Airtel Diwali Mahotsava, Airtel Quiz Answers Today– On the occasion of Diwali, Airtel has announced a contest called Airtel Diwali Mahotsava. There are a total of 3 contests available under the Diwali Mahotsava sections i.e. daily quiz, Tambola and Spin to win. You can win daily prizes worth of Rs 60 lakhs by participating in this contest. The Airtel Diwali Mahotsava starts from 20th October 2019 and ends on 3rd November 2019.

Airtel Diwali Mahotsava Contest Details

Contest Name – Airtel Diwali Mahotsava Quiz, Tambola, Spin to Win

Period – 20th Oct to 3rd Nov 2019

Platform – Android & iOS

Prizes – Daily prizes worth Rs 60 Lakh

Valid for – Airtel Prepaid Users only.

Airtel Diwali Mahotsava Quiz Answers for Today

Q1 – World Economic Forum was founded by

Answer – Klaus Schwab

Q2 – Which Indian city is known as ‘city of nawabs’?

Answer – Lucknow

Q3 – Taking two steps at a time, about how many steps will it take to climb a 42 step staircase?

Answer – 21

Q4 – Who determines the salary and allowances of the Chief Minister?

Answer – State legislature

Q5 – The national open university is run by

Answer – IGNOU

Airtel Diwali Mahotsav Quiz Answers Today (Set 2)

Q1- Which river makes a boundary between India and Nepal?

Ans – Sharda

Q2 – Into what position was Dr. Kalam was sworn in on 25 July 2002?

Ans – President of India

Q3 – The unit of current is?

Ans – Ampere

Q4 – Headquarter of International Olympic Committee is situated at?

Ans – Lausanne

Q5 – The brightest planet is

Ans – Venus

Note – The participants are getting different sets of questions. Here we have got 2 sets of questions and answers for you. Please read all the questions and answers before playing the quiz to maximize your chances of winning. Best of luck

Steps to participate in Airtel Diwali Mahotsava Contest and win prizes

  • Open Airtel app on your android or iOS device.
  • Login by using your Airtel number.
  • Now on the home page tap on the Airtel Diwali Mahotsava banner.
  • Click on the contest that you want to participate in from available options like daily quiz, tambola, Spin to win.
  • Play the contest.
  • Hit the submit button.
  • It’s done, you have successfully participated in the Airtel Diwali Mahotsava quiz contest today.

Airtel Diwali Mahotsava Quiz, Tambola, Spin to Win Contest – Terms & Conditions

  • This Contest is open to all subscribers of Airtel residing in India.
  • The Contest shall open on 20/10/2019 00:00 hours (IST) and shall end on 03/11/2019 23:59 hours (IST).
  • To avail a chance to win the Contest, an Airtel subscriber needs to participate in the Contest within the Contest Period, through the Airtel Thanks application.
  • The Airtel Thanks app also known as My Airtel app is available for download on the Android Play Store and the Apple Store.
  • To participate, the participant will need to click on “Airtel Diwali Mahotsava” in their Airtel Thanks application which would redirect them to the homepage of the game.
  • There are three engagement games in Airtel Diwali Mahotsava i.e. Spin the Wheel, Daily Quiz and Tambola.
  • The Participant can play “Spin the wheel” and can earn assured rewards by trying their luck.
  • A player will be allowed to spin the wheel only once per day.
  • No Airtel points can be earned through “Spin the Wheel”.
  • The reward earned through spin the wheel will be call intimated to the winner in case of physical gift and will be SMS intimated in case of e-voucher rewards.
  • The Participant can earn Airtel Points by playing Daily Quiz and Tambola.
  • Quiz can be played only once per day whereas Tambola can be played 50 times per day.
  • The player can accumulate Airtel Points and the same can be redeemed against eligible rewards.
  • The airtel points scored by any Participant will keep getting accumulated.
  • A Participant gets to play a daily quiz (once per day) and Tambola (any time) daily where the airtel points will be recorded and the corresponding rewards will be milestone-based.
  • The player gets a choice of claiming a reward on achieving the milestone.
  • On claims, the effective number of points will be deducted from the player’s accumulated airtel points.
  • The Rewards will be visible on the Rewards page.
  • There will be different slabs/milestones of rewards.
  • The player can redeem airtel reward points against any eligible reward. For example, if a player has earned 650 points and becomes eligible to redeem rewards at first slab (say at 500 Airtel Points) then, he/she can redeem airtel reward points against that reward (=500).
  • Upon redemption, player’s airtel points gets revised to 150 points (650-500=150).
  • There would be Bumper prize for the lucky winner which will be announced at the end of the campaign.
  • A participant can redeem airtel points against eligible reward category only once from each milestone. For example, if user has redeemed a voucher from milestone 1 already, he/she cannot redeem another voucher from this milestone again. For another redemption, he/she needs to redeem reward from other milestone provided he/she has sufficient airtel points for redemption from another milestone.
  • The rewards at each milestone will be limited and will not be available for redemption in case of stockout.
  • All winners would be intimated within 48hours to confirm the address to dispatch the rewards.
  • In the case of a bumper prize of the Contest, a computerized random selection will decide the winners.
  • The Lucky winner of bumper prize in Airtel Diwali Mahotsava will be contacted via call/e-mail with instructions on how to collect their bumper prize.