What 9 Letter Word Still Remains A Word Riddle Answer (SOLVED)

What 9 letter word still remains a word, what 9 letter word riddle is the latest brain teaser puzzle trending on twitter. In this riddle, we have to find a nine letter English word which remains a word each time weu remove a letter for it. It is one of the hardest riddle in the world. Many people across the world are sharing this riddle with friends on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook and challenging them to solve it.

So here we are with the correct what 9 letter word still remains a word riddle answer. Now let us get started.

Riddle: What 9 letter word is still a word each time you remove a letter?

What 9 Letter Word Is Still A Word Each Time You Remove A Letter


The correct answer to What 9 Letter Word Is Still A Word Each Time You Remove A Letter riddle is STARTLING

What 9 Letter Word Is Still A Word Riddle Solution

To solve this riddle we are going to break the 9 letter word startling step by step. In each step, we will remove a letter from the word “startling”, and it will still be an English word. So scroll down to check it yourself.

  2. START   ING
  3. STAR     ING
  4. ST   R     ING
  5. ST           ING
  6. S             ING
  7. S             IN
  8.                IN
  9.                I

STARTLING is the only 9 letter word in the English language where removing one letter at a time yields another word.

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