Walks Lawns Fountains Riddle ANSWER (Solved)

Walks Lawns Fountains Riddle: Hello friends, are you looking for the Walks Lawns Fountains Riddle Answer, if yes then you are at the right place. The Walks Lawns Fountains is one of the most popular riddles that is successfully keeping us busy during the current COVID-19 situation. People from all over the worlds are participating in this riddle and also sharing it with friends too.

Here in this post we are going to solve the Walks Lawns Fountains Riddle and provide the correct answer to it. So now let us get started.

Walks Lawns Fountains Riddle

The riddle says: I have legs but walk not a strong back but work not. Two good arms but reach not. A seat but sit and tarry not.

Walks Lawns Fountains Riddle Answer

The correct answer to Walks Lawns Fountains Riddle is Chair. As we all know that the Chair has legs but can not walk. It has arms but can not be reached but they are still strong.

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