State News Quiz Answers May 8, 2020 (SOLVED)

State News Quiz, State News Quiz Answers Today May 8, 2020: Its Friday and State news is back with the popular State News Quiz. The questions in this quiz are based on the week’s news events from across the world. You get 50 seconds to answer the quiz questions and you earn coins for every correct answer. You get a total of 50 seconds to answer each question, and with every second the points also decrease. So you have to make sure you answer all the questions correctly as well as fast.

Here in this post we are going to provide the correct answers to all the 20 State News Quiz questions. So make sure you check them all before you hit the start button. So now let us get started.

State News Quiz Answers

Question 1 – Costco and Kroger both announced they would be limiting sales of which item?

Answer – Meat

Question 2 – Which European country has recorded the most deaths due to the coronavirus?

Answer – United Kingdom

Question 3 – Donald Trump ended his lockdown at the White House on Tuesday by touring a mask factory in which city?

Answer – Phoenix

Question 4 – Which author won his second Pulitzer Prize for fiction on Monday for his novel The Nickel Boys?

Answer – Colson Whitehead

Question 5 – Which supreme Court justice continued to hear oral argument while in the hospital for an outpatient treatment?

Answer – Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Question 6 – Which past weekend, Donald Trump hated a Fox News virtual town hall at which location?

Answer – Lincoln Memorial

Question 7 – With the Senate back in session, Rep. Jhon Ratcliffe is testifying before a Senate committee as a candidate for director of which?

Answer – National Intelligence

Question 8 – Which football head coach, who died this week at 90, holds the NFL career record of 328 regular-season wins? 

Answer – Don Shula

Question 9 – With beer brewing declared a nonessential business, which country’s grocery and convenience stores are beginning to run out of suds?

Answer – Mexico

Question 10 – Which former NFL quarterback is repaying more than $1 million in welfare money he received for speeches where he failed to appear?

Answer – Brett Favre

Question 11 – In Dallas, Shelley Luther was sentenced to seven days in jail and fined $7,000 for defying a restraining order and keeping which business open?

Answer – Hair Salon

Question 12 – Special antibodies created by which cuddly animal may lead to a protective treatment against coronavirus?

Answer – Llama

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