Solve A Terror Case Quiz ANSWERS | Quiz Night By Sanil Kothari

Solve A Terror Case Quiz, Solve A Terror Case Puzzle is the latest Quiz Night By Sanil Kothari trending online on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. Here in this quiz there is a total of 5 pdf files. You have to solve a terror case using the clues and unlock the pdf documents using the clues. Using the information provided you have to solve and find out:-

1) Find motive of attack.

2) Find out location of attack.


4) Find out at what time?

5) Date/day of the attack.

So its time to check your detective skills by playing this quiz. To make this easy for our viewers, we are going to provide the correct Solve A Terror Case Quiz Answers. So now let us get started.

Solve A Terror Case Quiz Answers

Q1) Find Motive

Answer is: 5117

Q2) Find Location

Answer is: 370

Q3) What will they use

Answer is: sealink

Q4) Find Time

Answer is: helicopter

Q5) Find Day or Date

Answer is: 1155 & date is 2nd October

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