Man Camera Bottle Puzzle Answer (SOLVED) | 45 24 12 puzzle

Man camera bottle puzzle, man camera shampoo puzzle, 45 24 12 puzzle answer is the latest viral math puzzle trending on WhatsApp. People from all over the world are sharing this puzzle and challenging their friends and family members to solve it.

At this time when more than 50% of the world’s population is under lockdown, the Man Camera Bottle puzzle is helping us to keep our self busy and engaged.

About the Man Camera Bottle Puzzle

The Man Camera Bottle puzzle is a math puzzle. In this puzzle, the value of man, camera, and shampoo bottle is given. We have to find the answer to the 45 24 12 equation.

Man Camera Bottle Puzzle Answer

The correct Man Camera Bottle Puzzle Answer is 38

Man Camera Bottle Puzzle Solution

Here is the solution to this puzzle. Have a look

Let’s find the value of Camera first. 24/4=6 so 1 Camera = 6. (Note – There are 4 cameras in the 2nd clue image, the first there are 2 cameras placed one on one)

Next, we are going to find the Shampoo Bottle value.

So 3 Bottles + 1 bottle + 2 bottle = 12

Therefore 1 Shampoo bottle = 12 ÷ 6 = 2

Now Let’s find the value of Man. There are 3 Mans with a camera and 3 shampoos each (one in hand, one in pant pocket and one in shirt pocket)

so Man = {45 – (2 x 9 shampoo) + (6 x 3 camera} ÷ 3

= (45 – 36 ) ÷ 3 = 3

Thus 1 Man = 3

Now finally we have (Bottle = 2) + (Man = 3 (without camera & shampoo) x (2 x camera = 6×2= 12)

So in the given order, we do multiplication before addition.

So the final equation is 2+(3 x 12) = 38

So the correct Man camera bottle Answer is “38”

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