How To Hard Reset Xiaomi Redmi Go (Android Go) To Factory Setting

Hard Reset Xiaomi Redmi Go – Hard reset is one of the most useful features available in all the smartphone. This feature allows you to wipe all the data of your phone, delete all 3rd party apps, clean internal memory and much more. By doing a hard reset you can bring back your phone to the factory version.

Usually, we hard reset our phone’s when it starts malfunctioning, or even when it becomes slow. This happens due to multiple reasons like installation of apps, catch files, low internal memory, consumption of RAM and Processor by unwanted applications and more. So the best solution for all these problems is Hard Reset.

Today in this post I am going to tell you how to hard reset Redmi Go mobile by using key pattern.

Steps To Hard Reset Xiaomi Redmi Go To Factory Setting Using Phone Keys/Buttons

  1. Firstly, take a backup of all the necessary data available on your phone.
  2. Now switch off your mobile phone.
  3. Press and hold volume up and power button for a few seconds (approx 10 sec).Redmi Go hard Reset
  4. Release the buttons when the Mi Logo pops up on the screen.
  5. An Android bot with no command message shall appear on the phone screen android bot No Command logo
  6. Now hold power + volume down button and press volume up button once.
  7. Now scroll to the Wipe data/factory reset button by using the volume up/down button and press the power button to select the option Redmi Go Wipe Data
  8. In the next screen select Yes to hard reset your Xiaomi Redmi Go mobile phone.
  9. Wait for the process to get completed.

Note – Back up all your phones data before performing the hard reset as this process will erase all the data, apps, images, videos, contacts from your mobile.

Final Words– You have just performed the hard reset on your Redmi Go smartphone. Please let us know your suggestions, or queries in the comment box below.