Find The 20p Coin Answer (SOLVED) | Picture Puzzle

Find The 20p Coin is one of the most popular Picture Puzzle trending on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and also on the WhatsApp. Here in this puzzle, there is a tray with many coins in it. To solve this puzzle, you have to find the 20p coin in the picture. It is not so easy puzzle and more than 99% of people fail to find the 20p coming in the picture.

So here in this post today we are going to share the Find The 20p Coin Answer. So what are you waiting for, just scroll down and check the correct answer of Find The 20p Coin Picture Puzzle yourself.

Find The 20p Coin Answer

Here is the solved Find The 20p Picture Puzzle. Have a look:-

Find The 20p Coin Picture Puzzle Answer

Here in the above image, we have marked the location of the 20P coin. As you can see the coin of 20p is kept on the table near the tray.

So Find The 20p Coin Answer is “on the table“.

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