Diggy Mount Riddle ANSWERS: 7th Birthday Diggy’s Adventure (SOLVED)

Diggy Mount Riddle Answers, diggy mystery express: On the occasion of 7th birthday #2 of Diggy’s Adventure, the company has announced a riddle. Here in this riddle, we get the birthday key by finding the number to be placed near what symbol. There are some hints given on the ground to solve the riddle.

So here in this post, we are going to solve the Diggy Mount Riddle and provide the correct answer to it. So now let us get started.

Diggy Mount Riddle Answers what symbol based on the hints on the ground to get the birthday key.

The answer is based on the Guide & Timestamps:

  • Time 1:10 – Place stones beside the symbols set 1.
  • Time 3:24 – Placing stones beside symbols set 2 along with the maths.
  • Time 5:47 – Count items and place stones.
  • Time 9:08 – Collect the carboy of wine.
  • Time 9:20 – Collect the key

Diggy Mount Riddle Answers Video Walkthrough