Clock Calculator Bulb Puzzle Answer (SOLVED)

Clock Calculator Bulb puzzle answer, Clock Calculator and Bulb is the latest puzzle by mindyourlogic tending on Whatsapp and Facebook. In this puzzle, we have to find the solution of clock + calculator x bulb. It is a simple puzzle in which we have to apply math calculation and logic to get the correct answer.

So here in this post, we are going to solve the Clock Calculator Bulb puzzle and provide the correct answer along with the solution. So let us get started.

Clock Calculator Bulb Answer

The Clock Calculator Bulb puzzle answer is 333

Clock Calculator and Bulb Math Puzzle Solution

To solve this puzzle first we have to find the value of clock, calculator & bulb.

Let’s find the value of Clock first. 9’o clock + 9’o clock + 3’o clock = 9 + 9 + 3 = 21

So 1 Clock = 1

Now Let’s find the value of Calculator. There are 3 Calculators, so 30/3 is 10.

Sum of numbers inside the Calculator is 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10

Thus 1 Calculator = 10

Next, we are going to find the Bulb value.

So 1 Bulb + 1 Bulb – 1 Bulb = 15

2 Bulb – 1 Bulb = 15

So 1 Bulb with 5 lights = 15

Thus Bulb with 1 light = 3

Now finally we have Clock x Calculator (1+2+2+4) x 3 Bulb with 4 lights each

So in the given order, we shall apply BODMAS rule and do multiplication before addition.

So the final equation is

21 + (1+2+2+4) x (3×12)

= 21 + 9 x 36

= 9 + 324

= 333

So the Clock Calculator Bulb Answer is “333”

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