Caterpillar Apple Leaf Puzzle ANSWER (SOLVED)

Caterpillar Apple Leaf puzzle is the new exciting math riddle that is trending across social media platforms. People are sharing an image of Caterpillar Apple Leaf Puzzle with friends, families and challenging them to find the correct answer. It is a very interesting riddle and most of the users fail to answer it correctly.

So here in this post today we are going to solve and provide the Caterpillar Apple Leaf answer. In the meanwhile, you can also check some more similar riddles like Battle Of English and Mathematics Answer, Chicken Eggs Banana Puzzle.

Caterpillar Apple Leaf Puzzle Answer

The Caterpillar Apple Leaf puzzle answer is 15

Caterpillar Apple Leaf Puzzle Solution

Let’s find the value of Leaf first. 15/3=5 so 1 Leaf set of 5 = 5 & 1 single leaf = 1

Now Let’s find the value of Caterpillar. There are 3 Caterpillar, so 9/3 is 3. Thus 1 Caterpillar = 3

Next, we are going to find the Apple value.

So 30 (Total) – 3 (Caterpillar) / 3 (Apple) = 27/3 = 9

So Apple = 9

Now finally we have (Caterpillar = 3) x (1 leaf set = 5 + Single Leaf = 1) + Caterpillar = 3 – (Apple with Caterpillar = 9+3= 12)

So in the given order, we do multiplication before addition.

So the final equation is

3 x (6 + 3) – 12

= 27 – 12

= 15

So the Caterpillar Apple Leaf Answer is “15”

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