How To Cancel Pending Transaction In PhonePe App

Hey friends, is your phonepe transaction pending, or phonepe is not working? Are you looking for the answer for how to cancel a pending transaction in phonepe? Cool, many of us who use UPI Payment based apps like Phonepe, Paytm, BHIM are facing such issues from the past few days. When we try to pay someone by using QR scan or send money through UPI and the payment status is success then we are happy but is the case when we make a payment and we are stuck in the status page with a message saying “transaction pending” then it’s quite frustrating for all of us.

So here we are going to talk about the Phonepe transaction pending issue & how to cancel pending transection in the phone pe app.

Phonepe Transaction Pending

The Phonepe displays transaction pending message when you try to make a payment to your friend, shop merchant or anyone else from phonepe app and the payment confirmation is still pending. This can happen because of many reasons. Here are some of the possible reasons for pending transaction in Phonepe app:-

  • Delay in status confirmation from your bank side
  • Bank server down
  • UPI system failed to process your payment
  • Slow internet connection

How To Cancel Pending Transaction In PhonePe App

Canceling a pending transaction or ongoing transaction is not possible in the phonepe as of now. It may take upto 3 working days to process your payment. So it is wise to say that you should wait for the status to show as failed or successful.

In case of a failed transaction, you (customer) will get the amount refund (if in case the amount is debited) to the source bank account. If the status is success, then the beneficiary (merchant or receiver) will get the money.

If you do not get the final status as success or failed within 3 working days, then you shall contact the PhonePe customer care and make a complaint regarding the issue. Don’t worry, they will take care of the rest. Be assured, your money is safe.