Burger King Math Problem ANSWER (SOLVED): Redeem Your Whopper For $0

Burger King Math Problem Answer: America’s top fast-food chain Burger King is offering Free Whopper with any purchase. To avail this offer you have to solve a simple Math Problem and apply the answer as promo code to avail this deal. The offer is valid for all students across the United States. This is a student offer and to redeem enter the answer on the BK (Burger King) app.

Here in this post, we are going to solve the Burger King Math Problem and provide you the correct answer. So just scroll down to get the solution of the mathematics problem and enjoy the free Whopper.

Burger King Math Problem ANSWER

Burger King Math Question:-

Burger King Math Problem

The Burger King Math Problem Answer is 5.

So you have to enter the answer 5 on the BK app as a promo code for a $0 Whopper with any purchase.

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