Brownie Picture Riddle On Facebook Answer Explained (SOLVED)

Brownie Picture Riddle, brownie picture on Facebook, I thought these were brownies photo is the latest viral picture meme trending on Facebook. At first sight, by seeing this picture, every one of us will say its a Brownie Picture. If it’s so then why is it this Brownie Picture on Facebook being so much shared and becoming viral? Confused, no problem, here we are going to explain the Brownie Picture on Facebook riddle.

What is the brownie picture on Facebook

The Brownie Picture on Facebook is the icing on the cake. It is a cake batter that has been iced. A cake batter is a mixture of ingredients in a liquid form that can be easily poured into a baking pan. The word batter is driven from a French word Battre which means beat.

Brownie Picture Riddle Answer

The correct answer to the Brownie Picture Riddle On Facebook is Cake Batter.

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