Bigg Boss 3 Tamil 25 September Promo Out – Sherin wrote love letter for Tharshan & tore it

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil 25 September Day 94 first promo video is out now. The video shows all the contestants in the BB Tamil house are in a funny mood today. Earlier Sherin was given a task by Bigg Boss 3 to write a letter to a person (in the house) with whom she is in love with. Sherin wrote a long love letter with words like “You are my Sunshine on a Cloudy day“, “There is so much I want to say You light up the darkest parts of me“.

The Bigg Boss 3 then asked Mahat and Yaashika to handover the letter to the person for whom it was written for but Sherin jumps immediately, grabs the letter and tore it into Pisces.

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil 25 September Promo 1 (Day 94)

In the Bigg Boss 3 Tamil 25 September Promo Kavin can be seen singing Oru vartha pesa oru varsham kathirunthen song.

Sherin asks Tarshan, what you have done, why did you read the letter. She also says that If you want to read the letter, then I will directly give it to you.

Tarshan can be seen searching for the pisces of the Sherin’s letter in the dustbin. There after Tarshan says “I am the king and I will always keep my city clean” and he continues the search for the ripped piesces of letter.

Mugen & Tarshan can be seen rearranging the torn pieces of letter and in the video Tharshan can be seen reading it.

Sherin says that she was going to give the letter to you (Tharshan), but then I changed my mind. Tharshan askes Sherin why she changed her mind. In the reply, she says “she can’t take it seriously as of now”. And everyone in the Bigg Boss Tamil house starts laughing.