LA Times Crossword Answers (October 18, 2022)

LA Times Crossword Answers Today October 18, 2022: LA Times Crossword Puzzles are fun to solve and have now become a part of our day-to-day life. But some clues are not so easy to solve and it takes time and effort to solve. If you are trying to solve today’s LA Times Crossword Puzzle and you’re running out of guesses on one of these clues, then we can help give you the solution so you don’t lose your win streak.

Here in this post today I am going to solve and provide LA Times Crossword Answers. So now let us get started.

LA Times Crossword Answers Today – October 18, 2022


Barbaric cry in Whitmans Song of Myself – YAWP
Departed – GONE
Stockpile – AMASS
Actress Falco – EDIE
Thin batteries – AAAS
Wait Wait… Dont Tell Me! host Peter – SAGAL
*Busy stretch at a sandwich shop – LUNCHRUSH
Dish – PLATE
Snuck a look – PEEKED
Clock readout – TIME
Shoe front – TOE
Verbalize – SAY
*Crumple as notepaper filled with bad ideas – SCRUNCHUP
Lets off steam – VENTS
Lightbulb unit – WATT
Fiddlesticks! – NUTS
Brief If you ask me – IMO
Letter-shaped support – IBAR
Provençal pal – AMI
*Fare that pairs well with beer – PUBGRUB
*Ticket marketplace with a FanProtect Guarantee – STUBHUB
Farmyard oinker – PIG
Worrisome grades – DEES
Actress de Armas – ANA
__ facto – IPSO
__ sesame! – OPEN
Otherwise – IFNOT
*Source of bribe money perhaps – SLUSHFUND
Scoundrel – CAD
Used to be – WERE
Natural hairstyle – AFRO
Infomercial disclaimer – PAIDAD
College application part – ESSAY
Im handing this off now and a phonetic description of the answers to the starred clues – ITSALLYOU
Revise – AMEND
__ as a pin – NEAT
Watch over as sheep – TEND
Odorless gas – RADON
Tacks on – ADDS
Poems of praise – ODES


[You stepped on my paw!] – YELP
For two voices in music – ADUE
Connoisseur who likely scoffs at boxed Merlot – WINESNOB
Eat like a bird – PECKAT
Bakers fat – LARD
__ de toilette – EAU
Tracy Chapman hit with the line Wont have to drive too far – FASTCAR
Summer top – TSHIRT
Colorado ski resort – ASPEN
Prefix with practice – ASPEN
Death on the Nile novelist Christie – AGATHA
Stayed on the sidelines – SATOUT
Snoozes – SLEEPS
Activation phrase for Apples digital assistant – HEYSIRI
Change genetically – MUTATE
DNA test kit item – SWAB
High-sided bed – CRIB
Big shot briefly – VIP
Ostrich kin – EMU
Scram! – BUGOFF
Broadway offering – MUSICAL
Main mail ctrs. – GPOS
Put in the mail – SENT
Like some small-batch textiles – HANDDYED
Card game with an American Girl version – UNO
Belfry critter – BAT
Stood for – DENOTED
Cross my heart! – NOLIE
Blood component – PLASMA
Figured (out) – SUSSED
Fancy Feast maker – PURINA
I __ see the humor here – FAILTO
Composer known as the Father of the Symphony – HAYDN
Butter portions – PATS
Top of the line – AONE
Disappointing fireworks – DUDS
Its __-win situation – ANO
Glum – SAD

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