100 Prisoners Light Switch Riddle Answer (SOLVED)

100 Prisoners Light Switch Riddle Answer, 100 Prisoners Puzzle Answer: The 100 Prisoners Riddle is the latest brain teaser puzzle going viral on every social media website like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp. If you are also trying to solve this riddle and looking for some help, then you are at the right place. Here in this article today I am going to solve and provide the correct answer for the 100 Prisoners Light Switch Riddle along with an explanation. So now let us get started.

100 Prisoners Light Switch Riddle

The riddle reads:

There are 100 prisoners sentenced to life in prison. There’s a central living room with one light bulb which is initially off. No prisoner can see the light bulb from his or her own cell.

Everyday, the warden picks a prisoner equally at random, and that prisoner visits the living room.

“While there, the prisoner can toggle the bulb if he or she wishes. The prisoner has the option of asserting that all 100 prisoners have been to the living room by now. If this assertion is false, all 100 prisoners are shot.

“If it is indeed true, all prisoners are set free and inducted into MENSA, since the world could always use more smart people. Thus, the assertion should only be made if the prisoner is 100% certain of its validity.

The prisoners are allowed to get together one night in the courtyard, to discuss a strategy. What plan should they come up with so that someone will make a correct assertion?”

100 Prisoners Light Switch Riddle Answer and Explanation

In order to get Freed, the prisoners should follow the following steps:-

  • Firstly, the prisoners shall select a Captian responsible for counting.
  • Thereafter, the prisoner other than the captain shall enter the room and he should turn the light bulb on only when the lights are off and he never switched it on before.
  • Now when the Captian enters the room, and if the lights are off then he shall leave it untouched.
  • If in case the light is on, then the captain shall turn it off and add one to his/her count.
  • When the captain’s count gets to 99, then he will state that all 100 prisoners have entered the room.
  • This way all prisoners are set free.

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