Mary Has 5 Children Riddle Answer (SOLVED)

Mary has 5 children riddle answer, Mary has 5 children named January: Mary has 5 children is the latest Brain teaser riddle trending on Twitter and Facebook. In this riddle, we have to find the name of the 5th child. Many people from all over the world are sharing this riddle with their friends and are challenging them to find a correct answer.

So here in this post, we are going to solve this riddle for you and provide the correct answer to the Mary Has 5 Children Riddle. So let us get started.

Mary Has 5 Children Riddle

The riddle reads:

Mary has 5 children. The 1st is named January. 2nd kid is named February. Her 3rd child is called March. 4th is April. What is the name of the 5th.

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Mary Has 5 Children Riddle Answer

The correct answer to Mary has 5 children riddle is ‘What‘.

Mary Has 5 Children Riddle Solution, Explanation

Now I am going to explain to you how we came with the answer as ‘what‘ for Mary has 5 children riddle. So if you read the riddle carefully, in the last sentence it says “What is the name of the 5th”. This sentence is not a question whereas it’s an answer to the riddle as it is clearly mentioned that What is the name for the fifth child.

Therefore, Mary has 5 Children riddle answer is ‘WHAT‘.

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